Best Dresses for Your Body Shape

Okay, I confess... I used to struggle to shop online. And so let's be honest, probably the single most challenging part of online shopping is figuring out if the item is going to fit and look good on you, right? How many times have you seen a super cute dress and you love it but are hesitant to buy it because what if it doesn't look good? There are some proven strategies when it comes to online shopping and ensuring you are picking items that are going to look great on you. Knowing your body shape and the most flattering cuts/styles for your body shape is one of the best ways to ensure you are purchasing items that you will LOVE every time!

Let's talk shapes-- There are five primary types of body shapes.

Pear/Triangle--In this shape, the bottom half is more proportionately larger/wider than the top half. Typically pear shapes have a small bust, narrow shoulders, and slim arms. And, they are larger on the bottom with full or muscular legs and tend to gain weight in your hips, thighs, and lower tummy.

Best Dress Styles for Pear/Triangle: A pear shape looks best when you highlight the upper body while flatting the lower half. An A-line dress is perfect for this-- it has a roomier skirt that doesn’t cling to the hip, which gives a more streamlined look. Wrap dresses are also great for pear shapes as they help define the waist while drawing attention to the neckline. Fit-and-flare styles are also a good option, only their waist is more defined so if that is a problem area you might want to avoid. Lastly, off-the-shoulder dresses are very complimentary to pear shapes because they draw the eye to the chest and shoulders.  

This is a great A-line option:  

And a beautiful off the shoulder Plus option for Pear Shapes:

Apple/Round- This body shape is known for having a larger top. They normally have no defined waist line and carry most of their weight in their torso. It's common or apple shapes to have nice lean legs with a heavier top portion. 

Best Dress Styles for Apple/Round: Dresses best for this shape are those that bring attention to the shoulders and legs while defining the waist., as well as those that bring definition to your waistline.  One of the best options for this shape is an empire waist dress. This style draws the eye up higher than where the natural waist is and is usually at the smallest part of someone's torso. The dress flairs from this point creating more of a defined waist.  Off the shoulder dresses are another good option because it draws the attention to the top of the body. Wrap dresses can also be a good option because their shape can create a defined waistline, this style is best when the bottom half is not clingy and has more flow.

Here is a beautiful empire waist plus dress:

Gorgeous empire waist dress:

Inverted Triangle- This body type is known for having broad shoulders with a narrow hips and legs. Typically people with this body type wear a larger top and smaller bottoms-- their shoulders are predominantly wider than their hips.

Best Dress Styles for Inverted Triangle: Dresses best for this shape are those that bringing attention to the lower half of your body. One of the best dresses for that is the A-line it will help provide balance between your top and bottom half. In addition, a fit-and-flare is also great for that. These usually have a nice full skirt which helps fill out your hips to match your shoulders. Sheath dresses are also a great option as they have longer lines fall straight down your body creating additional balance.

The full skirt in this dress is perfect for creating balance:

This plus option is fun and has a nice full skirt:

Rectangle/Athletic- With this body type the bust and hips are close to the same width. Typically their hips and bottom are straight and they do not have many curves throughout their frame. Athletic/Square shapes usually have a flatter stomach and when they gain weight it distributes evenly throughout your entire body.

Best Dress Styles for Rectangle/Athletic- This body shape usually has an easier time finding dresses due to the balance between their top and lower half.  Usually these body shapes feel their best when they can define their waist. This can be accomplished by wearing a fit-and-flare.  In addition, wearing a flowy dress with a belt is an another to create a cinched waist.

Here is a gorgeous plus fit and flare:

A beautiful belted maxi dress:

Hourglass- This shape is probably the most known shape and is where the persons body is balanced between their upper body (bust/shoulders) and their hips/bottom. Another characteristic of this shape is a smaller defined waist. 

Best Dress Styles for an HourglassThe best dresses for this shape are those that define the waist. Typically the most flattering style for hourglass shapes is the wrap dress. If someone with an hourglass figure is slightly larger on the bottom they can bring balance to their shape by wearing dresses with puff sleeves to help fill out the top and bring more balance. Sheath dresses are another great option as they tend to be more slimming. Lastly, fit-and-flares are flattering for an hourglass because they can cinch the waist  and accentuate their curves. 

This dress is gorgeous and perfect for accentuating hourglass shapes:

This plus dress is sexy and curve defining perfect for hourglasses shapes:

This is just a guide, I recommend that you wear what makes YOU feel beautiful. If you ever need assistance in picking that perfect piece, please reach out to us via email at or by submitting the form in our free Personal Styling page--linked here for your convenience

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